Blocking A Crocheted Item 

Blocking a crocheted item gives it a polished, professional look. Blocking is a way of shaping and setting the design and smooth the stitches into place. Learn more about blocking a crocheted piece.


Blocking - Blocking Crocheted Item
How to Block Crocheted Articles. WikiHow
Blocking - Crochet Blocking
Learn how to block a crochet piece. Knit Simple Magazine
Blocking - Crochet Blocking
An article on how to block a crocheted afghan. The Tardy Homemaker
Blocking - Crochet Blocking (Video)
A video on how to block a crochet item. You Tube
Blocking - How to Block an Afghan
Blocking is a term used to describe special care for knitwear, items which have been knitted or crocheted, by hand or machine. Blocking refers to the reshaping once the knitwear has been washed. eHow
Blocking A Sweater
How to block a crocheted sweater. eHow
Blocking A Sweater
ow and Why Blocking a Sweater or other Hand Knits and Crocheted Garments is Important. Big Serious
Blocking Crochet
Blocking crochet is the process of “molding” your finished work into the shape that you desire. Learn how! Crochet Spot
Blocking Template
Eight section template to use when blocking a project. Crochet Memories
Blocking Template
Six and twelve section template - use them blocking your project. Crochet Memories
Starching and Blocking
Learn how to finish your project. JPF Crochet Club

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