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img Crochet Tips & Tricks
Shortcuts and Techniques Every Crocheter Should Know by Lily Chin - Published 2009 Amazon
Do you need a marker when knitting or crocheting? You can use a bread tag as a marker. Needlepointers.com
If you frequently lose your place on the crochet pattern, copy the pattern and check off or cross-out the instructions as they are completed. Needlepointers.com
Store crochet hooks in travel toothbrush holders. Free Craft Unlimited
When working with a pattern where size changes are given in parentheses, circle or highlight all of the changes for the size you are making before you start the article. Crochet 'N' More
Weave in all ends as you go along. It'll be so much better for you because when you're done - you're done. Hooks and Yarns
Crochet hooks come in standardized sizes, but what size they are called will depend upon what country they came from and what they are made of. Crocheting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti copyright 1988
Check the gauge by preparing a gauge swatch. Use whatever size hook will get the correct gauge. If your gauge isn't right, don't start the project. The results will most certainly disappoint you. Crocheting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti copyright 1988
While crocheting is your ball of thread rolling all around? Place the roll of thread in a soup dish and it will be more managable. Needlepointer.com
To keep your yarn from twisting, change the way you turn your work after you've completed each row - for example, turn your work clockwise after each even numbered row and turn it counterclockwise after each odd numbered row. Craft Designs for You
To hide the chain stitch ends, weave your thread through several chain stitches in one direction. Skip a stitch and weave back in the opposite direction. Crocet Memories
When making a long foundation chain, place a safety pin in after a designated number of stitches to keep count easily. Crochet Memories
Use 2 strands of sport yarn held together will replace one strand of 4-ply. Crochet Cache
Keep a small container of Baby Wipes close to your work site to wipe your hands periodically while crocheting. Crochet Cache
Using an iron on crocheted pieces is not a good idea. Instead, wash and pin piece out to desired shape or pin out to desired shape and spray with spray starch. Maggie's Crochet
Use left over scraps of yarn for stuffing crocheted toys. This really helps when you can see the stuffing through the stitches. If the yarn scrap stuffing matches the stitches you are not likely to see it. Maggie's Crochet
Asterisks * this means to work the instructions following the * as many times as specified. Margaret's Crochet Tips
To end off correctly after the last stitch is complete, pull up a loop, clip the thread/yarn and pull the end through the loop. Cinch down tightly but not to the point of "puckering" your finish. With tapestry needle weave through the base of stitches in the last round/row, weaving through the stitches, splitting the fibers if possible. Crochet Memories
CROCHETING - Make Cheat Sheet
If you grow weary of reading all the "fine print" in the pattern instructions, such as joining, re-write the basic concept on index cards and attach to the pattern. Crochet Memories
Want to crochet with twine without having to worry about epic yarn burns and sore fingers? No problem! Just wrap a piece of scotch tape around any finger that feels too much twine-related friction, then keep on hookin’. The Zen of Making
Before sewing buttons, flowers or any kind of trim onto your crochet project - glue it down lightly with fabric glue first. It will be so much easier. Hooks and Yarns
Your hands are the instruments that make the music of crochet. Your mind is the conductor of the orchestra. From Crocheting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti, Copyright 1988
When a pattern calls for placing a marker to keep track of where you do certain stitches or end a round or a row you can use a scrap piece of yarn in contrasting color if you don't have one of the plastic split ring markers on hand. Crochet N More
When crocheting from instructions, use a post-it-note to keep your place. Just stick it down on the line you are on, and as you progress, just unstick it and place it on the next line, etc. Crochet N More
When you fasten off a project, weave the ends back through with a yarn needle instead of a hook. This makes the ends more secure in your project and it's less of a chance that the ends to unravel. Crochet N More
To keep your ball of yarn from rolling away from you - place the ball into an over-sized soup mug or a clean, recycled ceramic flower pot. Hooks and Yarns
img YARN HOLDER (Video)
Learn how to keep yarn from rolling away by putting it in a bowl. This also helps keep yarn clean. Needlepointers.com
Use left over scraps of yarn for stuffing crocheted toys. This really helps when you can see the stuffing through the stitches. Maggie's Crochet
To thread yarn through a tapestry needle, use about a 2 inch piece of easy-curl ribbon as a needle threader. Crochet Pattern Central
Be careful when winding yarn into a ball... pulling the yarn will stretch it making the strand thinner than that in a new skein. Crochet 'N' More

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