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Cro-hooking also know as cro-knitting, double hook crochet and "crochet on the double" is a variation of afghan stitch or Tunisian crochet. Cro-hooking has been around for many years but recently has been becoming increasing popular. This craft uses a cro-hook whcih is a long double ended crochet hook and soft, supple fabric.

Baby Afghan (Cro-Hook Pattern)
Crochenit Creations
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Stitch - Adding Color & working loops off hook
Stitch - Double Crochet Loop
Learn where to insert the needle when working on double crochet stitch base. Annie's
Stitch - Knit Stitches
Instructions and illustration for the cro-hook knit stitch. Annie's
Stitch - Picking Up Loops
Instructions, illustration and video for picking up loops when cro-hooking. Annie's
Stitch - Purl Stitches
Instructions, illustrations and video for the purl stitch when cro-hooking. Annie's
Stitch - Single Crochet Loop
Instructions and video for the single crochet loop in cro-hooking. Annie's
Stitch - Working in the Horizontal Bar
Instructions and illustration. Annie's
Stitch - Working in the Vertical Bar
Instructions and video for this cro-hook technique. Annie's

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