Beadwork and Jewelry Making


Books on making beaded flowers and other types of flowers for jewelry and accessories.

Bead Flowers
This book explains how to craft beautiful roses, violets, carnations, tulips and other flowers using just small beads and wires. by Minako Shimonagase - Paperback - Published 2005
French Beaded Flowers
The Complete Guide includes everything you need to start making your own lovely floral creations using only beads. by Zoe L. Schneider - Hardcover - Published 2010
The Art of French Beaded Flowers
Creative Techniques for Making 30 Beautiful Blooms. by Carol Benner Doelp - Paperback - Published 2005
The Beaded Garden
Creating flowers with beads and thread. by Diane Fitzgerald - Paperback - Published 2005
20 jewelry and accessory designs. by Sian Hamilton - Paperback - Published 2014

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