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Assisi Work

Assisi work is a type of counted-thread emboridery and was named after the village of Assisi in Italy where the method originated. For this technique the main design is left blank and the background is filled embroidery stitches.

Assisi Embroidery
About assisi embroidery. Wikipedia
Assisi Embroidery
A brief article about Assisi embroidery. The Making Spot
Assisi Embroidery Patterns
Several assisi patterns - heart pattern, shamrock pattern, bunny pattern, gift pattern. Hobby Loco
Assisi Style Rabbits
Description of Assisi style - rabbit chart, stitches. Berlin Embroidery Designs
Assisi Work Pattern - Rose
Free Assisi Embroidery Pattern. Needlework Tips and Techniques
Stitch - Double Running Stitch
Needlework Tips and Techniques

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