Stipple Quilting

Stipple quilting is a free motion quilting technique of using squiggly lines to quilt or fill in an project area. On this page you will find links to stipple quilting instructions, projects and useful information on this method of quilting.

Machine Stippling (Video)
A video on how to machine stipple. You Tube
Simple Stippling
A simple stippling technique - print design on paper, pin to fabric, etc. Learn more. Hewlett-Packerd
Video of quilt stippling. Threads
How to machine free motion stippling. Little Birdie Secrets
Free motion quilting filler designs - videos on dozens of quilting designs. Day Style Designs
Stippling (Video)
A short demonstration of using a stipple pattern to quilt a quilt You Tube
Stippling - Machine Embroidery Stippling
Free design download. Singer
Stippling and MicroStippling
Learn how to machine stippling. Day Style Designs
Stippling Pattern (Free)
FREE Stipple Quilting (in the hoop)- various machine embroidery formats. GG Designs Embroidery
What is Stippling?
An article explaining quilt stippling. Wise Geek

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