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Kids Corner
Yo-Yo Activities
Learn how to use a yo-yo, learn yo-yo tricks! Lots of yo-yo fun...
Basics - Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
Basic information on how to begin to yo-yo. Yo-Yo Guy
Chinese Paper Yo-Yo
How to make a Chinese paper yo-yo. Making Friends.com
Skin the Cat Yo-Yo Tricks
Instructions for a yo-yo trick. How Stuff Works
Walk the Cat Yo-Yo Trick
A fun yo-yo trick. How Stuff Works
Yo-Yo - e-Yo
Instruction sheet from Hasbro. Hasbro
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Yo-Yo Tricks
Learn cool yo-yo tricks with these video demonstrations. Yomega
Yo-Yo Tricks
The power throw, the forward pass and the loop the loop. Yo-Yo Guy
Yo-Yo Tricks
The spinner, walk the dog and the creeper. Yo-Yo Guy
Yo-Yo Tricks
Around the corner and Rock the baby. Yo-Yo Guy
Yo-Yo Tricks
Flying saucer, Break Away, Man on the Trapeze and Thumb Wind. Yo-Yo Guy
Yo-Yo Tricks - Easy Yo-Yo Tricks
Over a dozen easy-to-learn yo-yo tricks. How Stuff Works



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