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Finishing Techniques

Need ideas for finishing your cross stitch project, check these ideas.

Bell Pull
Tutorial on how to finish a bell pull. Learn to Finish with the Twisted Stitcher
Bell Pull
How to finish a bell pull. Punch Needle Tips
Bell Pull - How to Finish
Learn how to complete a bell pull. Tale of a Shooting Star
Bell Pull - Mini Bell Pull
How to make and finish a mini bell pull. Janet Granger
How to make a biscornu. Yiotas XStitch
Biscornu (Eight-Sided Pillow)
A biscornu is an eight-sided pillow and this site shows you how to complete a biscornu project. Annette's Acre
Biscornu (Eight-Sided Pillow)
An article shows how to finish a biscornu with instructions and photos. The Finishing School
Biscornu (Eight-Sided Pillow)
Instructions on completing a biscornu project. Tale of a Shooting Star...
Biscornu - Finishing Directions
An article explaining how to finish a biscornu. Kitty and Me Designs
Bookmark - Finished with Frayed Edge
The Frayed Edge finish is used to add a 1/2" frayed border around your finished project. Cyber Stitchers
Bookmark - Finishing Technique
This technique uses fabric for the backing. Annette's Acre
Braid and Tassel
This finishing technique is most often used to create ornaments but can also be used to complete any project. Cyber Stitchers
Eyeglass Case
How to make a glasses case. The Making Spot
Flatfold Class (Tutorial)
Flatfold is a finishing technique used to display stitched projects. It’s easel-shaped, stand-alone design is an alternative to framing. This step-by-step tutorial will explain how to make a flatfold. Meari's Musings
How to frame a cross stitch project. Ezine Articles
Framing - How to Frame Your Cross Stitch (Video)
A video on how to frame your cross stitch. You Tube
Framing - Mounting And Framing Techniques
Displaying your cross stitch creations! Learn several attractive ways to mount and frame your projects. RLROUSE Directory
Framing Needlework
Information on framing cross stitch, blackwork and embroidery projects. Needlework Tips and Techniques
Framing Needlework Piece
How to frame an embroidery or cross stitch project. Needle N' Thread
Framing Your Needlework
A brief, easy way to frame your needlework. Plaid
Greeting Card
This finishing technique allows you to create greeting cards from either fabric or perforated paper cross stitched projects. Cyber Stitchers
Hemstitch - Finishing Technique
Learn how to hemstitch. Needlework Tips and Techniques
Hoop - How to Mount Project in a Hoop
The Making Spot
Humbug (Ornament)
Learn how to finish a cross stitched humbug. Plush Cat
Jewelry Pin
This finishing technique can be used to turn small patterns stitched on Aida or similar fabric into jewelry pins. Cyber Stitchers
Needlebook Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions for making a needlebook to hold handwork or sewing needles. Meari's Musings
Needlecase (French)
Instructions in French with helpful photos on how to finish a needlecase. Je Brode
Ornament - Framed Ornament Tutorial
This tutorial uses card stock and fun foam to frame a cross stitch Christmas ornament. Pinwheel Ponders
Ornament - Tucked Pillow Ornament
Learn how to turn a stitchery into a tucked pillow ornament. Cyber Stitchers
Ornament Finishes
No stitch Bias tape ornament instructions and mason jar lid ornament instructions. Pinwheel Ponders
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