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Stitch Guide for Cross Stitching

Learn how to do all types of cross-stitch stitches with illustrations.

Algerian Eye Stitch
A tutorial showing you how to make the Algerian Eye Stitch, which is also known as the Algerian Eyelet Stitch or the Star Eyelet Stitch.
Backstitch - How to outline a cross stitch design
This video tutorial is on how to outline a cross stitch design using the backstitch. It includes instructions and tips on backstitching.
Basket Stitch - Video
A embroidery stitch tutorial on how to do the basket stitch.
Chain Stitch (Video)
This video is on how to hand embroider a chain stitch. The chain stitch is a series of loops joined together to form a chain. A Chain stitch is used as a decorative outline stitch.
Feather Stitch (Video)
How to do the feather stitch. This is a hand-embroidery decorative stitch which creates a vine or branch looking line.
French Knot (Video)
A tutorial on how to do the French knot.
Lazy Daisy Stitch (Video)
Learn how to do the lazy daisy stitch with this video.
Smyra Stitch (Double Cross Stitch/Snowflack Stitch)
This video will show you how to do the Smyrna Stitch which is a textured stitch which can be used as a filler, as a border and in chicken scratch embroidery. This stitch is also called the double cross stitch or Snowflake stitch.
Chain Stitch
Here you will find the chain stitch, lazy daisy and cable chain stitch. Kreink
This is an advanced cross stitch technique.
Cross Stitch
Two methods for the cross stitch. Annie's Attic
Cross Stitch - Long Armed Cross Stitch
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French Knot
How to make a french knot in four easy steps. Better Cross Stitch patterns
Half Cross-Stitch
Simply the first part of a cross-stitch which can be slanted in either direction. Annie's Attic
Half Stitch
How to make a half stitch in cross stitching. Better Cross Stitch Patterns
Quarter Stitches
This partial stitch is uses to obtain rounded shapes in a design. Annie's Attic
Quarter Stitch
How to make a quarter stitch in a cross stitch row. Better Cross Stitch Patterns
Rhodes Stitch
A needlework stitch. Kreink
Rice Stitch (Cross Stitching Stitch)
Learn how to cross stitch - the rice stitch. Cross Stitch
Rice Stitch (Cross Stitching)
How to cross stitch, the rice stitch. Sharon b's in a minute ago
Satin Stitch
The satin stitch is used for filling in a design. Kreink
Spider Web Rose Stitch
A needlework stitch. Kreink
Stem Stitch
A needlework stitch. Kreink
Stitch Dictionary
A comprehensive guide of all types of needlework stitches. In A Minute Ago
Stitch Instructions
Stitch instructions and diagram for cross stitch, backstitch, french knot, chain-stitch. XYZZX Creations
Straight Stitch
Learn how to do a straight stitch on cross stitch patterns. Better Cross Stitch Patterns
Straight Stitch (Stroke Stitch)
How to make a straight stitch in cross stitch designs. In A Minute Ago
Three-Quarter Cross-Stitch
Instructions and video on how to do the three-quarter cross stitch. Annie's Attic
Upright Cross Stitch
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